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Classical and Quantum Mechanics with Lie Algebras

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AuthorShapira Yair
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2024
PublisherWorld Scientific
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How to see physics in its full picture? This book offers a new approach: start from math, in its simple and elegant tools: discrete math, geometry, and algebra, avoiding heavy analysis that might obscure the true picture. This will get you ready to master a few fundamental topics in physics: from Newtonian mechanics, through relativity, towards quantum mechanics.

Thanks to simple math, both classical and modern physics follow and make a complete vivid picture of physics. This is an original and unified point of view to highlighting physics from a fresh pedagogical angle.

Each chapter ends with a lot of relevant exercises. The exercises are an integral part of the chapter: they teach new material and are followed by complete solutions. This is a new pedagogical style: the reader takes an active part in discovering the new material, step by step, exercise by exercise.

The book could be used as a textbook in undergraduate courses such as Introduction to Newtonian mechanics and special relativity, Introduction to Hamiltonian mechanics and stability, Introduction to quantum physics and chemistry, and Introduction to Lie algebras with applications in physics.

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