Cross-Functional Inventory Research

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AuthorGavirneni Srinagesh
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2016
PublisherWorld Scientific
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Joe Thomas is a true renaissance academic who has integrated research, teaching, practice and leadership. He’s advised numerous companies through board positions and consulting engagements. His research has identified and focused on real issues in operations management, like overcoming the dark side of worker flexibility and other aspects of the human component of operations. And he has then incorporated research findings into his teaching, including cases on issues like global operations that we can all benefit from. Joe is so admired by his colleagues that they chose him to lead the Johnson School as Dean. Joe is a model and an inspiration for all of us. This book, with its emphasis on cross-functional approaches to inventory management, is an excellent way to honor Joe on his retirement.

Marshall L Fisher
University of Pennsylvania

“Joe Thomas is one of the Grand Masters in our field of operations management. I will always remember him fondly as someone who has accomplished so much, with such a high status in our profession, and yet at the same time, a humble, warm and gentle scholar. In my early student days, I read of Joe’s work in multi-echelon inventory systems. He has made deep contributions in manufacturing and distribution network designs and operations management, before the term “supply chain management” became popular. He is also one of the early scholars in operations management who recognized and promoted the importance of looking at manufacturing and operations as a strategy for a firm. I have learned a great deal from both his writings and from interactions with him face to face. Of course, Joe has also been serving our community as an editor and through professional society leadership. I had first-hand experience from his editorship directly, since he processed some of the papers that I published. That experience also taught me how to have high standards, be encouraging, and be generous in giving advice and inputs in the editorial process. As a junior researcher at the time, such editorial support was both helpful and served as a great model. As a senior colleague, Joe has always treated me as a friend, making me feel comfortable and easy to exchange with him. Over the years, many of our colleagues have benefited tremendously from his mentorship and support. While he is a very serious researcher and holds very high standards in his work, Joe’s personality radiates warmth and energy to those around him. And then he adds humor at the right time. I will never forget when Joe led all of us at a conference honoring the retirement of El Buffa to sing a song with lyrics that he composed himself, titled “Just-in-Time.” The lyrics contained lessons in a very funny way.

Joe is a pioneer in research (as well as in teaching and practice) that connected inventory management to other business functions such as human resources, marketing, finance and accounting. Thus, with its emphasis on cross-functional inventory research, this book is an excellent way to honor him on his retirement. It is a privilege for us to recognize and celebrate with him all he has done for our profession!”

Hau L Lee
Stanford University

Cross-Functional Inventory Research details path-breaking analytical, empirical and behavioral operations management research that interfaces inventory with the business functions of human resources, finance, accounting, information technology, and globalization.

For about fifty years, inventory research was conducted with a silo mentality with assumptions of exogenous pricing, price-independent demand distribution, rational human decision making, and lack of information sharing. Over the past few years, there is increased realization that this kind of analysis and thinking will not be useful for the modern business world. This has motivated inventory researchers to reach across different business functional areas such as finance, marketing, human capital and information technology and identify research questions that are more appropriate for the modern, complex, data-driven business environments. Cross-Functional Inventory Research contains path-breaking research developments in cross-functional inventory research. The methodologies applied to answer these research questions cover the complete gamut of empirical, analytical, and behavioral approaches.

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