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How to Cope With Climate Change

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AuthorKrause Michael Richard
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2024
PublisherWorld Scientific
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How did mankind change Earth from the beginning? How did changes in technologies change our society and the global climate? And how do we have to change to cope with climate change?

Climate change is the ultimate threat in the world today, and it can only be addressed through comprehensive technological and societal transformation. This book examines the financial, technical, and social situation of the world today, and outlines some of the existing policies and technologies that will help us on our long and unpredictable journey through climate change. Three major factors that have led us to today’s predicament — our economic system, our own inexcusable ignorance, and continued political inertia — must be addressed, discussed, and changed for the better.

This book also deals with the concept of change. How is a successful change defined? What steps are necessary, and which steps come first? Fortunately, there is good news. Innovation and human ingenuity will produce the tools needed to deal with the climate catastrophe. The only question is whether people will themselves be able to change to a sufficient degree. The whole process of change will take generations, it will have to be a joint effort, and the stakes are incredibly high.

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