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Remembering Sir J C Bose


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AuthorD P Sen Gupta, M H Engineer & V A Shepherd
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2009
PublisherIISc Press
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The year 2008 marks the 150th birth anniversary of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose who, at a relatively young age, established himself among the ranks of European scientists during the heyday of colonial rule in India. He was one of those great Indian scientists who helped to introduce western science into India. A physicist, a plant electrophysiologist and one of the first few biophysicists in the world, Sir J C Bose was easily 60 years ahead of his time and much of his research that was ignored during his lifetime is now entering the mainstream. As the inventor of millimeter waves and their generation, transmission and reception, and the first to make a solid state diode, he was the first scientist who convincingly demonstrated that plants possess a nervous system of their own and “feel” pain. J C Bose later spent his life’s savings to set up the Institute which carries his name in Calcutta and Darjeeling.

This book covers Bose’s life in colonial India, including the general patriotic environment that pervaded at the time and how he became one of the flag bearers of the Bengal Renaissance. It also examines the scientific achievements of this polymath and his contributions to physics and plant electrophysiology, while highlighting his philosophy of life.

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