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The Briefest History of Time: The History of Histories of Time and the Misconstrued Association Between Entropy and Time

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AuthorBen-Naim Arieh
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2016
PublisherWorld Scientific
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This is a thought-provoking book that would be of interest to anyone wanting to ponder the concept of time, and to develop more critical thinking skills that may be useful when reading popular science books or articles.

IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine

The aim of this book is to explain in simple language what we know about time and about the history of time. It is shown that the briefest (as well as the lengthiest) history of time can be described in one or two pages.

The second purpose of the book is to show that neither entropy, nor the Second Law of Thermodynamics has anything to do with time. The third purpose is to educate the lay reader how to read popular science books, critically. Towards this goal, detailed reviews of four books on time are presented.

There are many popular science books on Time, on the beginning of Time and the end of Time. This book is unique in the following two senses: It explains in simple terms what Time is, and why it is not related to entropy
It critically reviews a few popular science books which perpetuate all kinds of unfounded ideas about the relationship between Time and the Second Law

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The Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem, Israel

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