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The Square Root of Einstein: The Mysterious Connections in Our Universe

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AuthorWhite Christopher
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2024
PublisherWorld Scientific
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What is our universe made of? How did it get here, and how will it end? Why are many scientists currently so excited about these questions? And why is everybody else so scared of the one subject – physics – that promises to give us all the answers?

This book is here to help. Its main aim is to explain a remarkable new idea that has arisen in recent years, that tells us all of our current theories of nature are much more closely related than previously thought possible. It will tell you where these theories come from, why understanding them has traditionally been so difficult, and about the tantalising new hints that our understanding of nature is about to significantly change.

More than this, the book will explain quite why it is so important that more people join the greatest pursuit of knowledge that our species has ever seen. Practical advice is given on how to become a scientist, so that people from all backgrounds may be inspired to become the leading thinkers of the future.

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