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The Strategic Relations Between India, the United States and Japan in the Indo-Pacific: When Three is Not a Crowd


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AuthorRupakjyoti Borah
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2022
PublisherWorld Scientific
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EditionWorld Scientific Low Price Edition (WSLPE)


This book analyses the growing relationships among India, the United States and Japan in the Indo-Pacific region, which can broadly be defined as the space encompassing both the Indian and the Pacific Oceans, though different nations have their competing visions of its extent. While on the one hand we have an ascendant China in all respects, at the same time, the US has continued interests in maintaining its leadership role in the region and beyond. Washington appears to employ a hub-and-spoke model where its most important ally in the region, Japan, fits in perfectly as a point from which to connect to the rest of the region. However, the critical role will be that of India, which is not an American ally but is key to many American plans in the region. Will India cooperate?

By examining the rapidly-evolving relations among the three countries, this book explores India’s position in this region. Crucially, this book will analyse how the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic will upset power relations in the region. It is suitable reading for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, and practitioners in the fields of international relations, politics, security studies, political science, and geopolitics.

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World Scientific Low Price Edition (WSLPE)