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Time in Powers of Ten: Natural Phenomena and Their Timescales


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AuthorT Hooft Gerard & Vandoren Stefan
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2014
PublisherWorld Scientific
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With a Foreword by Steven Weinberg

In this richly illustrated book, Nobel Laureate Gerard ?t Hooft and Theoretical Physicist Stefan Vandoren describe the enormous diversity of natural phenomena that take place at different time scales.

In the tradition of the bestseller Powers of Ten, the authors zoom in and out in time, each step with a factor of ten. Starting from one second, time scales are enlarged until processes are reached that take much longer than the age of the universe. After the largest possible eternities, the reader is treated to the shortest and fastest phenomena known. Then the authors increase with powers of ten, until again the second is reached at the end of the book.

At each time scale, interesting natural phenomena occur, spread over all scientific disciplines: orbital and rotation periods of planets and stars, decay times of elementary particles and atoms, biological rhythms and evolution processes, but also the different geological time scales.