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Towards Human Brain Inspired Lifelong Learning

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AuthorXiaoli Li, Savitha Ramasamy, ArulMurugan Ambikapathi, Suresh Sundaram, and Haytham M Fayek
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2024
PublisherWorld Scientific
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Over the past few decades, the field of machine learning has made remarkable strides, surpassing human performance in tasks like voice and object recognition, as well as mastering various complex games. Despite these accomplishments, a critical challenge remains: the absence of general intelligence. Achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI) requires the development of learning agents that can continually adapt and learn throughout their existence, a concept known as lifelong learning.

In contrast to machines, humans possess an extraordinary capacity for continuous learning throughout their lives. Drawing inspiration from human learning, there is immense potential to enable artificial learning agents to learn and adapt continuously. Recent advancements in continual learning research have opened up new avenues to pursue this objective.

This book is a comprehensive compilation of diverse methods for continual learning, crafted by leading researchers in the field, along with their practical applications. These methods encompass various approaches, such as adapting existing paradigms like zero-shot learning and Bayesian learning, leveraging the flexibility of network architectures, and employing replay mechanisms to enable learning from streaming data without catastrophic forgetting of previously acquired knowledge.

This book is tailored for researchers, practitioners, and PhD scholars working in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It particularly targets those envisioning the implementation of AI solutions in dynamic environments where data continually shifts, leading to challenges in maintaining model performance for streaming data.

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