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A Village Dies: Your Invitation to a Memorable Funeral


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AuthorIvan Arthur
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2016
PublisherSpeaking Tiger
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Back in the 1940s, when Mumbai was still Bombay, the twin urban villages of Kevni-Amboli were home to a lively Catholic communityÑpredominantly East Indian, but also Anglo-Indian, Goan and Mangalorean. In this hugely entertaining novel set in that vanished world, Ivan Arthur spins a delightful web of joint families, priests, sodality groups, gossips, friendly drunks, vagrants, simpletons, lovers and maiden aunts.
Among the many lovable and eccentric characters are Hanging Gardens, a simple gravedigger who, by a quirk of fate, nurtures a millionaire mechanic; Blaise Misquitta, a stickler for punctuality who has a grave dug in anticipation of his wife’s death; Tristao Dias Ribeiro, a Portuguese official who builds a massive church because his wife’s illness has forced him out of the conjugal bed; Kirit, the studious first-ranker who slits his wristÑand survivesÑbecause he cannot marry Miss Alice or kiss her on the lips; Peter, a mysterious water-carrier who sings operatic arias; and of course the endearing tomboy Kitty, in whose memories the past and present merge.

About the author
Ivan Arthur is the author of five books, Pavement Prayers, Brands under Fire, Once More upon a Time, Jossie and The Fourteen Stations, and confesses to two hibernating blogs, 'Excalibur' and 'Thurifer'. Arthur is a three-time winner of the WPP international Atticus Award for original writing. He is a former Area Creative Director of JWT, in charge of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. As Vice-Chairman and trustee, he designed and conducted the Communication Specialization at the Asian Institute of Communication and Research. He was inducted into India's Communication Arts Guild Hall of Fame. He now lives with his wife in Goa.

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