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Adventures With Discoveries And Inventions

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AuthorKwek Karen & Wong Kathy
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2022
PublisherWorld Scientific
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Adventures with Discoveries and Inventions is an immersive encounter with important discoveries and inventions that have made a great impact on our lives. Who came up with a way to help the blind read? How did the Wright brothers make their dreams take flight? What are Beyond Eggs? Learn how arches can stabilise buildings. Observe the microworld through van Leeuwenhoek’s microscope. And be inspired by Cai Lun’s perseverance. From horse carriages to driverless cars, and from x-rays to aquaponics systems, experience the creativity behind some of the world’s great discoveries and inventions as never before!

The World of Science comics series engages, educates and entertains children, imparting scientific facts, while nurturing the love of Science through dynamic, full-colour comics. All topics covered are in line with the Singapore primary Science syllabus and the Cambridge primary Science curriculum, and also offer beyond-the-syllabus insights designed to stretch inquiring young minds.

This book aligns with the following syllabi:

Singapore Science syllabus topics: Electricity and Interactions with the environment.
Cambridge Primary Science syllabus topics: Electricity and Electricity and magnetism.
IB Primary Years Programme Science syllabus topics: Electricity and magnetism, Simple machines, Structure and function, and Electricity and circuits.

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