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Algebraic Biology, Matrix Genetics, and Genetic Intelligence

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AuthorSergey Petoukhov and Matthew He
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2024
PublisherWorld Scientific
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Historically, mathematics, probability, and statistics have been widely used in the biological sciences. Recent progress in genomics has yielded many millions of gene sequences. But what do these sequences tell us and what are the generalities and rules governed by them? It seems that we understand very little about the genetic contexts required to “read” them. There is more to life than the genomic blueprint of each organism. Life functions within the natural laws that we know and the ones we do not know. The development of modern mathematical natural sciences is based on the use of certain mathematical tools. Mathematics can be used to understand life from the molecular to the biosphere level.

This book provides the foundation and latest advances for an emerging research area that uses tools from symbolic computation, computer algebra and logic, algebraic geometry, fractal geometry, probability and statistics, and matrix algebra to formalize and solve biological problems and explore its applications in algebraic biology and code biology. It introduces highly interdisciplinary topics in biomathematics such as matrix genetics, gestalt biology, bio-antenna arrays, resonance genetics, quantum biology, and more.

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