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Analyzing Mathematical Patterns – Detection & Formulation: Inductive Approach To Recognition, Analysis And Formulations Of Patterns

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AuthorRadin Michael A
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2023
PublisherWorld Scientific
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The book’s objectives are to expose students to analyzing and formulating various patterns such as linear, quadratic, geometric, piecewise, alternating, summation-type, product-type, recursive and periodic patterns. The book will present various patterns graphically and analytically and show the connections between them. Graphical presentations include patterns at same scale, patterns at diminishing scale and alternating patterns.

The book’s goals are to train and expand students’ analytical skills by presenting numerous repetitive-type problems that will lead to formulating results inductively and to the proof by induction method. These will start with formulating basic sequences and piecewise functions and transition to properties of Pascal’s Triangle that are horizontally and diagonally oriented and formulating solutions to recursive sequences. The book will start with relatively straight forward problems and gradually transition to more challenging problems and open-ended research questions.

The book’s aims are to prepare students to establish a base of recognition and formulation of patterns that will navigate to study further mathematics such as Calculus, Discrete Mathematics, Matrix Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Difference Equations, and to potential research projects. The primary aims out of all are to make mathematics accessible and multidisciplinary for students with different backgrounds and from various disciplines.

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