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Conjuring With Computation: A Manual Of Magic And Computing For Beginners

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AuthorCurzon Paul & Mcowan Peter
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2023
PublisherWorld Scientific
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The team behind Computer Science for Fun (CS4FN), brings you Conjuring with Computation: A Manual of Magic and Computing for Beginners. Develop your skills as a magician while also learning the basics of computer science by exploring its links to magic. Each chapter explains how to do a simple magic trick, step-by-step, then uses the trick to introduce linked fundamental ideas in computer science in a fun way.

By reading the book you will learn to do self-working tricks, be able to hold magic shows, create your own versions of tricks, and with creativity even invent your own. We cover:

• Self-working card tricks

• Magical jigsaws, boxes and other objects

• False shuffles and cuts

• False choices

• Magic with books and pictures

• Mentalism, clairvoyance and tricks with ghosts

• Magic built on technology

• Find out your friends’ superpowers!

You will also learn how computation underpins conjuring, answering questions like:

• What is computation?

• Why are the skills of a computational thinker, such as decomposition, abstraction and generalisation, so important?

• Why is data represented in different ways?

• How is easy-to-use software created?

• How does maths underpin programming?

• What are the basics of cyber security and privacy?

• Why must we all understand how computing technology affects society?

The book includes profiles of computer scientists, alongside magicians with links to technology, through history.

Master conjuring and thinking computationally.

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