Differential Calculus: Problems And Solutions From Fundamentals To Nuances

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AuthorJungic Veselin, Menz Petra & Pyke Randall
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2024
PublisherWorld Scientific
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This volume contains more than 900 problems in differential calculus, covering limits, continuity, derivatives, and their applications. The applications are comprised of a variety of approximations, growth and decay, optimization, curve sketching techniques, and analytical tools to investigate properties of parametrically given planar curves. The problems are sorted by topic, each opening with with a summary of the relevant mathematical notions and their properties. Through a careful selection of appropriate problems in each chapter, the book clearly communicates some of the big ideas and applications in calculus: the notion of a function, the notion of an infinitesimal, the notion of a differentiable function, and the notion of an approximation, among others. The book provides the answers to each problem, often with a detailed sketch of the solution process.

With about 260 true-false and multiple-choice questions, the book provides its users with an accessible way to assess and practice their understanding of calculus related facts and nuances. More than 180 figures are included to help readers to visualize properties of functions, illustrate word problems, depict solutions, and provide an extensive bank of polar curves.

The purpose of this problem collection is to serve as a supplementary learning resource for students who are studying university-level differential calculus. The book also acts as a teaching resource for calculus instructors.

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