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Effective Mathematics Lessons Through An Eclectic Singapore Approach: Yearbook 2015, Association of Mathematics Educators

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AuthorWong Khoon Yoong
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2015
PublisherWorld Scientific
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With this seventh volume, as part of the series of yearbooks by the Association of Mathematics Educators in Singapore, we aim to provide a range of learning experiences and teaching strategies that mathematics teachers can judiciously select and adapt in order to deliver effective lessons to their students at the primary to secondary level. Our ultimate goal is to develop successful problem solvers who are able to understand concepts, master fundamental skills, reason logically, apply mathematics, enjoy learning, and strategise their thinking. These qualities will prepare students for life-long learning and careers in the 21st century.

The materials covered are derived from psychological theories, education praxis, research findings, and mathematics discourse, mediated by the author’s professional experiences in mathematics education in four countries over the past four decades. They are organised into ten chapters aligned with the Singapore mathematics curriculum framework to help teachers and educators from Singapore and other countries deepen their understanding about the so-called “Singapore Maths”.

The book strikes a balance between mathematical rigour and pedagogical diversity, without rigid adherence to either. This is relevant to the current discussion about the relative roles of mathematics content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge in effective teaching. It also encourages teachers to develop their own philosophy and teaching styles so that their lessons are effective, efficient, and enjoyable to teach.

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