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I Never Call It Big Bang – George Gamow: The Extraordinary Story Of A Genius Of Physics

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AuthorAlessandro Bottino and Cristina Favero
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2022
PublisherWorld Scientific
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This book tells the incredible story of George Gamow, one of the most brilliant and extravagant physicists of the past century. Gamow was born in Russia in 1904 and died in the USA in 1968. He lived his life in a time between the twenties and the sixties, characterized by rapid developments in physics and became a key figure of that time. Gamow’s true merits were seldom fully recognized. Yet his ideas are behind a number of Nobel Prizes for Physics during the past century. His remarkable achievements in Nuclear Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology were the result of a combination of expertise and creativity, intuition and, importantly, of a good sense of humor. Together they craft the image of a true revolutionary scientist. Gamow also had a natural talent for popularization and was throughout his life a successful science communicator.

The figure of Gamow is interesting also from a cultural perspective. His life stretches across a critical period in our history and moves geographically from Russia to the USA, via Europe. His story provides insights into the complex dialogue between historical events and scientific developments during the twentieth century.

Our book builds on the extensive interview that science historian Charles Weiner did with Gamow shortly before his death. Here Gamow offers a complete survey of his scientific achievements. Tapping onto their dialogue, we have enriched the picture of Gamow’s figure with materials gathered also from other sources. First of all, we discuss his autobiography, in which Gamow mainly focuses on the education he received in Russia and on his experience as a young scientist in Europe. We contrast this with relevant writings about his, at times, controversial role in the scientific environment of his epoch. Altogether, these form a critical and complex representation of the life and character of this extraordinary scientist and human being.

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