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Imprinted Polymeric Membranes

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AuthorLaura, Donato
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2023
PublisherDe Gruyter
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Higly efficient separation tools are increasingly required for satisfying the necessity of the modern society. In this context, for achieving optimized separation and purification of targeted compounds, the typical features of the imprinting technology and membrane science for developing the so-called imprinted membranes have been exploited. Imprinted membranes are smart systems endowing selective recognition properties towards specific molecules and ions that exhibit better performance with respect to the traditional separation techniques. The aim of this monography is to give a contribution in promoting the knowlegde on the current research trend about this topic. Starting from the concept of the molecular recognition the book introduces the reader to the fascinating world of the imprinting technology and membrane-based processes up to discussing the development of imprinted polymers as well as imprinted membranes, which represent their special format. The different imprinting strategies as well as the theory and mechanisms of the separation are also explained. Furthermore, the application of molecularly imprinted polymeric membranes in different areas for the selective recognition of drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients, pesticides, other toxic compounds and proteins is discussed. The attention is also devoted to their employment in enantiomeric separation, sensors technology and controlled drug delivery. Finally, the production and application of ion imprinted membranes in the separation of metal ions, rare earth element and anions and the role of cyclodextrins in the imprinting technology are discussed.

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