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Mathematics: Its Historical Aspects, Wonders and Beyond

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AuthorAlfred S. Posamentier & Arthur D. Kramer
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2023
PublisherWorld Scientific
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Whenever the topic of mathematics is mentioned, people tend to indicate their weakness in the subject as a result of not having enjoyed its instruction during their school experience. Many students unfortunately do not have very positive experiences when learning mathematics, which can result from teachers who have a tendency “to teach to the test”. This is truly unfortunate for several reasons. First, basic algebra and geometry, which are taken by almost all students, are not difficult subjects, and all students should be able to master them with the proper motivational instruction. Second, we live in a technical age, and being comfortable with basic mathematics can certainly help you deal with life’s daily challenges. Other, less tangible reasons, are the pleasure one can experience from understanding the many intricacies of mathematics and its relation to the real world, experiencing the satisfaction of solving a mathematical problem, and discovering the intrinsic beauty and historical development of many mathematical expressions and relationships. These are some of the experiences that this book is designed to deliver to the reader.

The book offers 101 mathematical gems, some of which may require a modicum of high school mathematics and others, just a desire to carefully apply oneself to the ideas. Many folks have spent years encountering mathematical terms, symbols, relationships and other esoteric expressions. Their origins and their meanings may never have been revealed, such as the symbols +, -, =, π. ꝏ, √, ∑, and many others. This book provides a delightful insight into the origin of mathematical symbols and popular theorems such as the Pythagorean Theorem and the Fibonacci Sequence, common mathematical mistakes and curiosities, intriguing number relationships, and some of the different mathematical procedures in various countries. The book uses a historical and cultural approach to the topics, which enhances the subject matter and greatly adds to its appeal. The mathematical material can, therefore, be more fully appreciated and understood by anyone who has a curiosity and interest in mathematics, especially if in their past experience they were expected to simply accept ideas and concepts without a clear understanding of their origins and meaning. It is hoped that this will cast a new and positive picture of mathematics and provide a more favorable impression of this most important subject and be a different experience than what many may have previously encountered. It is also our wish that some of the fascination and beauty of mathematics shines through in these presentations.

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