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Nature’s Longest Threads: New Frontiers in the Mathematics and Physics of Information in Biology

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AuthorBalakrishnan Janaki & Sreekantan B V
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2014
PublisherWorld Scientific
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Organisms endowed with life show a sense of awareness, interacting with and learning from the universe in and around them. Each level of interaction involves transfer of information of various kinds, and at different levels. Each thread of information is interlinked with the other, and woven together, these constitute the universe ? both the internal self and the external world ? as we perceive it. They are, figuratively speaking, Nature?s longest threads. This volume reports inter-disciplinary research and views on information and its transfer at different levels of organization by reputed scientists working on the frontier areas of science. It is a frontier where physics, mathematics and biology merge seamlessly, binding together specialized streams such as quantum mechanics, dynamical systems theory, and mathematics. The topics would interest a broad cross-section of researchers in life sciences, physics, cognition, neuroscience, mathematics and computer science, as well as interested amateurs, familiarizing them with frontier research on understanding information transfer in living systems.

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National Inst of Advanced Studies (Nias), India

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