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Nobel Prizes and Nature’s Surprises

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AuthorNorrby Erling
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2013
PublisherWorld Scientific
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Each year the Nobel Prizes in the natural sciences reveal amazing discoveries. New milestones in the relentless advance of science are identified. The growth of knowledge and its evolution can be researched in the Nobel archives where nominations are kept secret for 50 years after the awards have been made. They represent a treasure for real-time assessment of science. Norrby?s earlier book, Nobel Prizes and Life Sciences (2010) examined the unique archival records until 1959.

The present book takes us up to 1962, surveying a range of dazzling discoveries. All prizes in immunology are reviewed. Their impact on our capacity to control infectious diseases and transplant organs are highlighted. The Nobel year 1962 is exceptional in recognizing the most major advance in biology since Darwin in 1859 presented his theory of evolution. This was the dramatic discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA by Watson and Crick in 1953. The era of molecular biology had begun. Its explosive development continues into the present.

Nobel Prizes and Nature's Surprises
Karl Landsteiner (1868 ? 1943), recipient of the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine 1930.
Nobel Prizes and Nature's Surprises
Burnet’s Nobel diploma. 1960 was the second to last year when the diploma included a piece of art and was signed by all members of the College of teachers. [From Suzanne Cory, courtesy of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.]
Nobel Prizes and Nature's Surprises
The peptide bond is a resonance between two electronic states that create the peptide plane. The protein main chain is colored blue and red (the peptide bond).
Nobel Prizes and Nature's Surprises
Burnet’s Nobel gold medal. [From Suzanne Cory, courtesy of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.]
Nobel Prizes and Nature's Surprises
The unique Nobel dinner arranged for Hevesy at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. This is the only occasion when this feast was held at the premises of the academy. Hevesy has the president of the academy Lindmark on his left side and its permanent secretary Westgren on his right side. Both of them are dressed in tails.
Nobel Prizes and Nature's Surprises
Francis Crick (1916 ? 2004) and Jim Watson at the time of the discovery of the structure of DNA. [Credit: A. Barrington Brown/Photo Researchers.]

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