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Revisiting Gandhi: Legacies for World Peace and National Integration

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AuthorSwaran Singh & Reena Marwah
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2022
PublisherWorld Scientific
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This book interrogates several strands of Gandhian design, articulations, methods and ideals, through five sections. These include Theoretical Perspectives, Peace and World Order, Revolutionary Experiments, National Integration and Gandhi in Chinese Discourses. The authors seek to provide answers to questions as: Were Gandhian ideas utopian? What is the contemporary relevance of Gandhi? Do his ideas share convergence with theory in world politics and international relations? What was his role in forging national integration? How did his ideologies and experiments with truth resonate with countries as China?

The writings also underline that being averse to individualism, for Gandhi it was the realm of societal interests which were significant, encompassing the good of humanity, dignity of labor and village-centric development. Development paradigms and health related challenges are articulated in the book to underline the significance of Gandhi’s vision of “Leave no one behind” to create an egalitarian society with respect and tolerance. The book presents the essential humility and simplicity of Gandhi.

This book is a must read for those who seek to understand Gandhi in a way that is candid and inclusive. It’s a book that conceals nothing and does not shy away from presenting debates on Gandhi. Moreover, it is a factual account, with contributors having relied extensively on archival materials, essays and an extensive review of literature. Hence, the book is replete with pertinent documentation and scholarship and makes a significant value-addition in the literature on Gandhi.

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