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AuthorMircea, Mason, Timothy J. / Vinatoru
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2023
PublisherDe Gruyter
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In the 1980’s sonochemistry was considered to be a rather restricted branch of chemistry involving the ways in which ultrasound could improve synthetic procedures, predominantly in heterogeneous systems and particularly for organometallic reactions. Within a few years the subject began to expand into other disciplines including food technology, environmental protection and the extraction of natural materials. Scientific interest grew and led to the formation of the European Society of Sonochemistry in 1990 and the launch of a new journal Ultrasonics Sonochemistry in 1994. The subject continues to develop as an exciting and multi-disciplinary science with the participation of not only chemists but also physicists, engineers and biologists. The resulting cross-fertilisation of ideas has led to the rapid growth of interdisciplinary research and provided an ideal way for young researchers to expand their knowledge and appreciation of the ways in which different sciences can interact. It expands scientific knowledge through an opening of the closed doors that sometimes restrict the more specialist sciences. The journey of exploration in sonochemistry and its expansion into new fields of science and engineering is recounted in Sonochemistry Evolution and Expansion written by two pioneers in the field. It is unlike other texts about sonochemistry in that it follows the chronological developments in several very different applications of sonochemistry through the research experiences of the two authors Tim Mason and Mircea Vinatoru. Designed for chemists and chemical engineers Written by two experts and practitioners in the subject Volume 1 covers the historical background and evolution of sonochemistry Volume 2 explains the wider applications and expansion of the subject VOLUME 2 Applications

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