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The Chinese Way: Overcoming Challenges for a Shared Future


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AuthorFabio Massimo Parenti
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2023
PublisherWorld Scientific
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The book aims to communicate to readers in a clear, fluent, and well-documented fashion the new role that China plays in the geography of world power, evaluating its weight, influence, and impact on future developments. China’s ambition and its vision of international affairs can be summed up in Beijing’s desire to “build a community of common destiny for mankind”. Behind this concept lies the desire to present itself as a peaceful nation, interested in a common global development in full compliance with the principles embraced by the United Nations — to be achieved through win-win relationships, capable of bringing mutual benefits to the actors engaged in international cooperation. China has experienced extraordinary growth in recent decades and intends to continue carving out the space it deserves in various international fora. According to the author, this does not necessarily represent a “threat” — as its Western detractors contend — given the People’s Republic’s intention to achieve its goals through mutual respect, spatial interconnection, and long-term productive investments. The book has been published in Italy by Meltemi and is in course of publication by the Chinese publisher New Star Press.

“Those who deal with China are well aware that the West’s gaze on the People’s Republic has often been dismissive, superficial, and distorted. A sort of festival of stereotyped opinions, with value judgments constantly used to highlight the West’s alleged superiority vis-à-vis the ‘Chinese model’. Regardless of whether one likes the Chinese political-economic system or not, no country can avoid engaging with it. Especially if we consider that the exhaustion of the propulsive thrust of Western globalization is increasingly evident, and corresponds, conversely, to the rise of a new constructive ‘globalization with Chinese characteristics.”

— Fabio Massimo Parenti

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