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Towards Deep Understanding Of Elementary School Mathematics: A Brief Companion For Teacher Educators And Others

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AuthorAbramovich Sergei
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2022
PublisherWorld Scientific
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The book is intended to serve as a brief companion for mathematical educators of elementary teacher candidates who learn mathematics within a college of education both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Being informed by mathematics teaching and learning standards of the United States, Australia, Canada, Chile, England, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and South Africa, the book can be used internationally.

The teaching methods emphasize the power of visualization, the use of physical materials, and support of computer technology including spreadsheet, Wolfram Alpha, and the Geometer’s Sketchpad.

The basic ideas include the development of the concepts of number, base-ten system, problem solving and posing, the emergence of fractions in the context of simple real-life activities requiring the extension of whole number arithmetic, decimals, percent, ratio, geoboard geometry, elements of combinatorics, probability and data analysis.

The book includes historical aspects of elementary school mathematics. For example, readers would be interested to know that two-sided counters stem from the binary system with its genesis in the 1st millennium BC China of which Leibnitz (17th century) was one of the first notable proponents. The genesis of the base-ten arithmetic is in the Egyptian mathematics of the 4th millennium BC, enriched with the positional notation with the advent of Hindu-Arabic numerals in the 12th century Europe.

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