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RNA-based Mechanisms in Cancer

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AuthorGary Brewer and Gerald M Wilson
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2024
PublisherWorld Scientific
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The roles of gene transcription in cancer have long been appreciated. However, posttranscriptional processes also contribute significantly to alterations in gene expression that lead to tumor initiation, formation, and progression.

We have known for decades that alterations in the expression of key genes, such as those involved in cell proliferation, signaling, apoptosis, and immune responses, are major molecular events in cancer. This book presents our current understanding of selected posttranscriptional control mechanisms and the RNAs that they regulate. Each chapter provides an overview of a specific RNA-directed regulatory system and the RNA/protein factors involved, then discusses major findings in the field and their relationships to the development and/or treatment of cancer and associated diseases. Future questions serve to address “where do we go from here” and stimulate the reader’s thinking about these important problems.

This compendium of chapters from experts in the field is essential reading for anyone interested in the myriad ways that RNAs contribute to tumorigenesis: from graduate students, researchers, and clinical scientists interested in mRNA processing and translation, RNA-binding proteins that promote turnover/stability of specific mRNAs, how small noncoding RNAs control inflammation and signaling, roles of the epitranscriptome, and future and emerging RNA-based, anti-tumor therapeutics.

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