Dissipative Lattice Dynamical Systems

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AuthorXiaoying Han and Peter Kloeden
Published LanguageEnglish
Publication Year2023
PublisherWorld Scientific
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There is an extensive literature in the form of papers (but no books) on lattice dynamical systems. The book focuses on dissipative lattice dynamical systems and their attractors of various forms such as autonomous, nonautonomous and random. The existence of such attractors is established by showing that the corresponding dynamical system has an appropriate kind of absorbing set and is asymptotically compact in some way.

There is now a very large literature on lattice dynamical systems, especially on attractors of all kinds in such systems. We cannot hope to do justice to all of them here. Instead, we have focused on key areas of representative types of lattice systems and various types of attractors. Our selection is biased by our own interests, in particular to those dealing with biological applications. One of the important results is the approximation of Heaviside switching functions in LDS by sigmoidal functions.

Nevertheless, we believe that this book will provide the reader with a solid introduction to the field, its main results and the methods that are used to obtain them.

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